Nocturnal Festival

Saturday September 25

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Kether consists of two groundbreaking West Coast based producers, Tim Hauser and Stephan Jacobs, who write, breathe, create & produce music. KETHER Music is composed using analog hardware & software, creating an organic-electric live sound scape feel within its airwaves.

Kether is based on the idea of two opposite spectrums of sound, coming together to form one in unison. The word ‘Keter’ means crown in Hebrew.

Kether is best described as pure consciousness, beyond all categories, timeless. This Omni present state of mind, formed by two elements of dark and light, creating a neutral ground for sound waves to flow.
Stephan Jacobs(Square-1) and Tim Hauser(Ruff Hauser) refer to their style as intermingling-melodic & sub-sonic frequencies, creating a very open space for brain neurons to assimilate the experience. The melody arrangements are written in specific notes to stimulate certain energy chakras in the body.

Kether has currently developed an all LIVE showcase, featuring elements of their upcoming album called “Marine Layer”. The live performance uses analog Korg drum machines, effects processors, midi controllers, Guitar as well as software.

Kether style of music has created a hybrid-sub-genre of its own kind, blending musical interpretations of Minimal, Dubstep, IDM, Breaks & Glitch